Thursday, September 15, 2011

busy little mackeys

well, us Mackey girls have been keeping quite busy...with school, dance, christmas shopping (yea you heard me, Mama has a goal of having Christmas shopping completed by Oct. 31!....awesome? yes?)

In the meantime,
We've been doing all of our favorite things and preparing for some Fall weather!
Now don't get me wrong, I love love summer time, but with the weather being a total scorcher, it's lovely to know Fall is right around the corner.

With every picture I snap of my beauties, I just marvel at how lovely they are. I'm so blessed.
We spend many days at the Science Center because they have a mini zoo..and the girls love it...
note to self: plan a zoo trip when weather is in the 60's

We enjoyed a little family dinner one night with my mom, sis, and sis's boyfriend...and I snapped this precious pic of the girls with their "Nanny"

this cutie has been gettin in her tummy time while Miss Rylee is at school. Side note: I love love baby headbands and I'm pretty much obsessed with them these days.
*do you notice how shiny those floors are? that's all thanks to my Swiffer...

We made chocalate whoopie pies with icing and sprinkles...and devoured them...
for real, if you make these, get them out of your house quick (like share with co-workers, neighbors, or friends) or you will eat them all.

Rylee does her favorite thing of all...paint..
And lately I've been buying canvas frames at Hobby Lobby for dirt she can paint pics that I can hang up in the house...

adorable right?
I love this booger
I'm in love with these girls.

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