Thursday, September 1, 2011

my competition...

Know what this is?
It's my competition.
Why you ask? Well, Well, Well, let me just tell you.
Ok, so Daddy Mackey has been a fan of Notre Dame college football since he was like 8 ish. Win or lose, he never misses a game. Now, when I say think, ok cool..he roots for the team. No, my dear friends. No. I mean he shouts, he screams, he gets crazy. Our neighbors even know when he's watching because they hear the shouting.
If they lose, seriously, he goes into mourning.
Now every game day, he sports his ND jersey, ummm requiring that the whole family sport theirs as well. So, we do. We certainly want Daddy to know that we support his team.

Want to know what he said to me today?
I'll tell you, and I quote "Notre Dame college football ranks up there with like the birth of our children, our wedding day, I mean it's huge"
I give him THE look, THE look that says "you can NOT be serious".
So he says (a little nervously) "just kidding".
But you know what, I know he isn't kidding...
He can love them. 
And so will the rest of us.
Yay, football season...
NOW LET'S GO IRISH (please win so I can have a happy husband)

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  1. they ARE SO CUTE! it must be so fun to see their little personalities grow as they come into their own. the little mohawk is adorable.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! so sweet!!! i'm glad i did because now i know you!! following :)



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