Monday, September 19, 2011

biggest. scare. of. my. life.

See this face....that precious smile...those little bubbly cheeks, that perfectly round head, and those big blue eyes....
well...she didn't look this happy 2 days ago...

I normally work Saturday and Sunday nights at a hospital, but this past weekend, I switched with someone and worked days...
This would have been Reese's first "day" ever without me, and for a breastfeeding baby, that's a pretty huge deal. Being only 17 weeks old, she's still getting adjusted to a bottle when I'm not home.

So, I leave at 6:30 am  that morning.
I get calls throughout the morning from Daddy Mackey on how fussy Reese is being... crying, unconsolable, and such.
 I suggest walking outside, tummy time, singing, reading a book, playing with her, giving her a bottle....ofcourse all the things he had been trying all morning long.

At 12 noon, I get the Scariest, most heart stopping phone call I could ever imagine. It's Mike, panicked, stating "I just called 911."
I threw the phone across the desk without hearing another word, and without hesitation, grabbed my things, and flew out of the hospital.
It was pouring rain, but nothing could have stopped me from getting home.
I called Mike again in the car to find out what had happened....Reese had been crying and couldn't catch her breath from being so upset and when Mike gave her a bottle she choked.....her lips went blue.
Now luckily the neighbor across the street is an EMT, so Mike ran across the street to him after calling 911....and this is when Reese passed out and went limp in Mike's arms.

The car, I swear was airborn (perhaps carried by angels) the whole 20 mintues home (that seemed to be an hour long)....I must have arrived at my house within 7 minutes.
2 ambulances are parked in front of my house, I slam the car in park in the middle of the street, and run into my house to find my little Reese in the arms of an EMT lady smiling.
I get Reese in my arms, snuggle her, kiss her what must have been a million times....
The EMT stated that she sounded fine, her oxygen levels were perfect, temperature was perfect and couldn't find a thing wrong.

Poor Mike, pouring sweat and so shook up.
The EMT suggested that we take Reese to the hospital to be certain that her lungs were fine. So we did just that.
And the doctor stated that she must have gotten so upset and irritated from choking and crying that she passed out.

I couldn't sleep a wink that night, we were up every hour checking to make sure she was still breathing.

And now....our baby is fine. Back to smiling, cooing, staring at us, and her normal every routine.
And I vowed to never work a day shift again.
I need my children and they need me.
As for Mike, he's feeling much better and glad that I won't ever be gone during the days again.

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  1. OH my goodness you POOR thing! I can't even begin to imagine how scary that must have been for you AND your husband! Praise Jesus that everything turned out okay! Someone must have been watching over her! Our God is an awesome God!


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