Sunday, October 23, 2011


Guess who rolled over this week? My little Reese-y cup is growing up!! She rolled from her back to belly all by herself this past week and my heart melted. It's so sweet to witness these milestones....and make such a big deal of them.

5 months old already! Whew, time is sure flying!

I'm cherishing every giggle, every cuddle, every kiss, every hand hold and every conversation with these 2 precious gems.
I'm cherishing every "push me again" on the swings, all the "mommy just one more book", every prayer before we eat, and every "kiss, kiss, I love you"s

I love them with my heart and soul.
Happy Sunday..
What are you cherishing?

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  1. You definitely have a cute couple of things to cherish! Your children are adorable and you are such a cute Mom! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog today.


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