Monday, October 3, 2011

them little girls I love...

We've been some busy little chicas... running to dance class, dentist appointments, pre-school, doctor visits, and the such...
And thank heavens none of us have gotten a cold yet with this chilly weather, seriously I can't stand the coldness. It makes my bones hurt, my teeth chatter, and desperate to stay wrapped in blankets all day with the little ones. *sigh*
Rylee strikes a pose at her dance class...speaking of, the little beauty lost her tap shoes a couple of weeks ago but luckily were returned by a sweet girl in the class whose mom has one of them funny mom blogs, if you will.  

Baby Reese has her monthly check-up appointment soon....and I'm thinking they may insist she join weight watchers? I mean seriously look at these peachy, chunky cheeks. Cuteness for sure. But, what is with me and chunkster, amazon babies? Born teeny weeny and skinny then turn into little roly polys by 5 months...luckily they (well, Rylee) has seemed to proportion out properly. 

These girls are just so precious playing together. I swear Reese admires Rylee already. They do everything together. And love to entertain one another.

Happy Monday...and stay warm!

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  1. Great pics! Rylee is such a ham for the camera, love that first pic!


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